Amatul Associates is proud to introduce the ultimate in outdoor bamboo decking product:

BamWood: Building on the innovative technology BamWood has density, strength and durability characteristics comparable to Brazilian IPE decking but is instead made from 100% bamboo, the strongest most rapidly renewable wood on Earth.


BamWood is the Green choice in outdoor decking. Compared to other deck materials such as cedar, redwood, or pressure treated, BamWood is stronger and more durable without sacrificing beauty or functionality.


BamWood termite resistant, weather tested, completely green, LEED qualified, and priced similarly to standard decking options.


BamWood simple and easy groove and groove system with fasteners makes installation a breeze!


– Fast and easy installation above level concrete, tamped-down sand/gravel, roofing, or existing decking.

How it's made

Manufactured from 5 year old organically grown moso bamboo forged into an incredibly unique process of compressing and intertwining the fibers, a dense, "fossilized" bamboo block is formed. This fossilized block of bamboo is then milled using precision laser guided machines before the final scratch-resistant curing phase. Beautiful, durable, easy to install, and made from the strongest, most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth, Amatul Associates BamDeck adds a new dimension to decking. The Decking undergoes a state of the art compression and sealing process, with No Urea Formaldehyde added to its glues.


BamWood even tests well below E1 indoor environmental emission standards and is sealed with a 100% soy based oil for outdoor protection.

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